Fast 5 in 5…..


FABULOUS:  5 facts about Rachel Ropp in 5 minutes or less-  


1.  Night owl = getting things DONE!  (has 3 kids– only time its quiet or alone)  

2.  Never has done karaoke…. but belts out operatic voice (especially with trying to hold down the frustration that is bubbling to the surface– or is really excitedly happy about something)

3.  “Phenomenal Dancer”– random times, feels the music and needs to shake a shimmy out– or— busta move!  Will throw random fantastic dance parties- beware- you will participate!

4.  Trend-setting/fashion forward- female version of McGuyer– gear up ladies—rain boots and tool belts—– ROCK out the next big thing!

5.  True haphazard adventure seeker– will not hesitate to explore any areas that are  unsafe/prohibited/private   basically totally OFF-LIMITS (barns/ abandoned buildings etc) and while getting caught–  will usually make a new friend in the process


wait a minute…….


Did we just become newest- BESTest FRIENDS?????

YEP– we sure did!