Thanksgiving is once a year…. that your dining room is actually used as a dining room—

so… why not reclaim that “dining” room to be used year round and refashion that space to fit YOUR lifestyle needs…. here’s how:

The homeowners BEFORE dining room became the perfect spot for the dreaded DROP ZONE– you know, that catch-all spot …  that is constantly reminding you of what you have NOT completed yet…. So, 

This comfortable causal entertaining family- usually does not have the 5 course meal service weekly, so- we transformed the space into a more functional inviting, reading/conversational room- that you can use year round– for the daughter who loves to read- and the parties that are thrown- that space where the ladies can gather around and gossip in style and comfortably.


Lets visit the before:

dining room BEFORE


angry red


BLAH into the TA-Dah!!!


Welcome and inviting
drapes to die for


table- revived


built in cabinetry
built in beautiful

bring in the BOOM… the homeowner now utilizes this space (year round) as a reading/conversional room– displaying all their fun photos and artifacts from their travels.

The angry red built ins– were toned down with a softer persimmon glaze- as well as the accent window wall which made it so much more soothing than the in-your-face-red.  The rest of the walls were painted the perfect shade of aqua -mineral blue- which reminds me of the crystal clear sea.  Revamp & Revive’s philosophy is “use what you got… then add the POW” which allows the homeowner to maximize the budget and keep existing pieces.  We did this by pulling in the Kona coffee velvet  sofa from the living room, which was the perfect size/scale for this room. We just took off one end- and fashioned it into a scrumptious chaise with throw pillows to snuggle up in.    The smaller sofa couch was also a pull- in from the living room-  which can double into extra bed when guest stay the night.  Added were accent pillows and a fluffy throw.

The design launch off point from the inherited oriental-esque china cabinet- and use it in the room to bounce off the pops of  fresh/modern color scheme- adding to the eclectic comfortable vibe the homeowner rocks!  The draperies were a DIY project– all we did is mash up- 3 existing scraps/remnants fabrics- – Easy to do…one asian inspiration fabric- added to a band of turquoise – then complimented with the beautiful sheen of persimmon for glimmer!  The contemporary double side table was a thrift store score and was painted a teal pop and distressed and glazed.  The coffee table was beat up brown before, but then fauxed into a beautiful weathered grey- with pops of mango.–(coordinates with adjacent living room pieces- in upcoming post!)

Lighting was varied around the room for the perfect glow!


Tell us–  Have you ever used what you already got and added the POP and POW?