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AMAZING-Living room-


WOW— the room did not even come close to reflecting how amazing this family is in the before…. the cold, stark walls paired with the angry red accents and hodge-podged furniture was far from reflecting the cozy, comfortable or exciton family.  We had to spice it up and give this justice to this family!

Here is the Drab… BEFORE:





 And the FAB After:


TA-DAH  Perfection
IMPACT: after!


DIY photo options
Fun modern photo placement


teal mango
Zig zag chevron
Shelving unti- persimmon
Persimmon shelving unit to display treasures


We added the beautiful mineral blue paint on the walls to breathe life into this room, followed with the faux finish glazing down the angry red into a beautiful softer persimmon- peach. The entire main floor is not cohesive designed connected without being 80s matchy/matchy- but more of a beautiful ensemble- that is orchestrated and executed to perfection. Each room echoes similarities with each other and coordinates beautifully. The colors are pop of teal, mango, soft peach persimmon, turquoise, weathered grey, dark kona, and black and cream.

chairs- damask upholstery
Modern twist on antique chairs

 The room lacked the fun personality that the family had - so we gave it to them….with pizazz and pop! The before couches were hodge-podged and pieced together with the “had before” pair of chairs. We moved those couches from this room to the new reading room and bought a new teal one and found a beautiful (budget friendly) 1950s french persimmon mohair/velvet one (off of Craigslist!) that we revamped and revived. We did some magic and faux treated the wood to a weathered grey and glazed it and then added some bling with the brass nailhead trim. It is one of my favorite (cost effective) things that anyone can do— I will do a tutorial for y'all soon! Eclectic design is fun and interesting…. By combining the modern sofa with the french antique one, we gave this room depth- conversation and excitement. These couches are now are full of sass and style and are easily snuggle up with a bowl of popcorn, watching a movie or have family game night, comfortably.


nail head trim
velvet sofa with nail head trim
sofa- perfect size/scale and color
Proper size/scale and color- added custom details with faux paint and nailhead trim

The buffet before was not the right size/scale for the massive television. We switched it to one with the necessary character and charm and revved it up a bit by adding faux finishes. It now doubles as functional storage for tv components, Dvds, games as well. The antique pair of channel back chairs flanking the buffet were also a craigslist score that we reupholstered in black and cream coordinating fabric with teal piping and teal pop of paint on the wood. They are perfect addition to any extra guests that need comfortable seating during family game night! The side tables are a matching dark kona coffee color that we faux painted a weathered grey glaze on the top - which all coordinates well with the reading rooms coffee table. The sea glass pair of lamps were given a easy design trick of custom by adding black ribbon to the shade. This ties in with the existing cream colored roman shades, that we also added a 3” band of black fabric too- — which all coordinates well with the custom AWESOME zig zag chevron draperies. Its the small details that add all the ummmmppph needed to make a room look like it belongs in a magazine. Our version is livable and all under budget- done with sass and style and coordinated design which is consistent throughout the entire main floor.


details- impact the design
Details added to make design cohesive


more eclectic pop on fireplace
Personality and pop on fireplace

OH…. the Photo wall…. adds excitement. We took mix-matched frames and painted them within our color scheme and played with positive and negative space as well as size and scale. This is an eclectic design must- which gives the room.. some boom- The side work table- is an inherited family piece and is also the perfect spot for the studious to get homework done.


extra seating
Easy extra seating/eating options


small details - big impact
Small details make big design impact

The fireplace was done up with easy art projects and photo canvases that are a focal point- with the backdrop faux paint finish of the shimmery sand faux paint treatment that is also echoed in the main hall.

art wall and desk
Functional desk for homework

The small bistro table and chairs set behind the sofa add another eating/or extra seating space- and the chairs were reupholstered with remnant fabric-
throw pillows are changeable for seasonal decor and the built in bookshelves, now the soft persimmon off artifacts and photos from the families vacations and travels.


Fun exciting room now!  WOW


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Day 4: Kitchen and Hall bath- UPDATE


Day 4:  Simple additions add charm and BOLD style to the kitchen and hall bath

 Small budget yields Big results-- how to do BOLD colors correctly.

 Before:  ho-hum blah- boring 

After: Pizazz and Pop of personality!

 Here is the befores-- Caution stark white-- proceed with caution!



 blah bathroom



boring Before-bathroom



Here comes the BOOM!


Calypso and mango
well ... hello there Calypso!


open shelves with MANGO


moulding added to venetian grey plaster walls as a base, atop- bright Calypso


Calypso paint

 How to do BOLD-- right.... - Anchor it with a neutral- and don't be afraid to go big or go home...even in small spaces.   Stick to one or two colors or tones.  Here we did a chair rail molding around the bathroom wall to add architectural interest and to provide an anchoring base with the gorgeous venetian plastered weathered grey-- and ... then.... pizazz and POP with the bold paint color: Calypso!  This room is now exciting-- the wall color is pristine - like the sparkly ocean water of the family's favorite vacation spot!  The ho-hum cabinet doors were taken off and given a POP of pizazz with MANGO--to give the open shelving unit personality and coordinated with teal ikat printed baskets to have necessities within reach.  The valance was made  with remnant fabric and coordinated with the teal band, which is in the kitchen and reading room.  This is what cohesive design looks like without being so matchy-matchy.

This bathroom is right off the galley kitchen and near the new reading room.

 Here is the before of the galley kitchen.


  FROM that...


Beautiful kitchen
accents make all the difference


Island details


island on wheels for functionality


valances add interest
mineral blue paint and custom valances

As always, we at Revamp & Revive believe in using what you got that works, and add the pop when and where needed.... These plain white walls with the already awesome polished steel kitchen made the room appear stark and cold...  Its the kitchen.... the heart of the home, so we spiced things up by painting the soft mineral blue which the the perfect shade of aqua, and continued the custom valance over the kitchen window.  (this valance coordinates with the connecting eating room one done in a previous blog Day 3)  We toned down the bight angry red into a beautiful soft warm fuzzy peachy persimmon color by doing a faux glaze technique.  The island is on wheels for functional versatility and given that amazing shade of Calypso, which definitely gave life to the room.  The island was lightly sanded and glazed to add some charm and  character and also will camouflage and conceal any bumps and scrapes or mishaps that just happen to occur with having the joys of having boys!  A whimsy floral runner rug was placed near the sink which coordinates with the double doors roman shades that lead to the back yard and patio.


Here is the fabulous custom made roman shades on the patio doors and the soft persimmon glazed walls.-- JUST LOVELY- the roman shades are coordinated with the double doors to the covered back patio of the joining eating area room (day 3) 


roman shades on patio doors
CUSTOM roman shades




Day 3: Command HUB Eating area

DAY 3:  Eating area that doubles as Command Central station


The blah before:




This room is connected to the galley kitchen and to the outdoor covered porch.  The  accent and inset wall- with shelves were that angry red again-- which we toned down with the scrumptious faux persimmon glaze- and then added a chair rail and the soothing mineral blue paint to add cheer.  The table and chairs was switched from the dining room into this room and its the perfect size/scale-  We just added a runner with the leftover fabric from the custom valances and also added new happy roman shades- that also match the double doors out the back patio.  

To say the homeowners are a busy family is a big understatement!  Its nearly impossible for moms to have it all and do it with ease- but that is exactly what this homeowner does!-- her secret-- the big white calendar!  EVERTYTHING is on the calendar-- and it needs to be front and center for all to glance at to see what/where/when- its happening.  We took a big frame and painted teal for POP and put a magnetic metal sheet in place of glass- and added cutesy custom magnets for each member- and clips for the "Commander" calendar.  Mango side file holders were added with mason jar holders for pens scissors etc- all at an easy reach.  EASY, BEAUTIFUL ORGANIZED


wow kitchen
Command center- done in style
organized modernly
pretty as a peach
lovely persimmon and size/scale of table



Stylishly functional.  Clean. Soothing. Calm. Organized.


Have you made your eating area a command center before?  Show us!


Day 2: RECLAIM & revitalize that unused space

Thanksgiving is once a year.... that your dining room is actually used as a dining room---

so... why not reclaim that "dining" room to be used year round and refashion that space to fit YOUR lifestyle needs.... here's how:

The homeowners BEFORE dining room became the perfect spot for the dreaded DROP ZONE-- you know, that catch-all spot ...  that is constantly reminding you of what you have NOT completed yet.... So, 

This comfortable causal entertaining family- usually does not have the 5 course meal service weekly, so- we transformed the space into a more functional inviting, reading/conversational room- that you can use year round-- for the daughter who loves to read- and the parties that are thrown- that space where the ladies can gather around and gossip in style and comfortably.


Lets visit the before:

dining room BEFORE


angry red


BLAH into the TA-Dah!!!


Welcome and inviting
drapes to die for


table- revived


built in cabinetry
built in beautiful

bring in the BOOM... the homeowner now utilizes this space (year round) as a reading/conversional room-- displaying all their fun photos and artifacts from their travels.

The angry red built ins-- were toned down with a softer persimmon glaze- as well as the accent window wall which made it so much more soothing than the in-your-face-red.  The rest of the walls were painted the perfect shade of aqua -mineral blue- which reminds me of the crystal clear sea.  Revamp & Revive's philosophy is "use what you got... then add the POW" which allows the homeowner to maximize the budget and keep existing pieces.  We did this by pulling in the Kona coffee velvet  sofa from the living room, which was the perfect size/scale for this room. We just took off one end- and fashioned it into a scrumptious chaise with throw pillows to snuggle up in.    The smaller sofa couch was also a pull- in from the living room-  which can double into extra bed when guest stay the night.  Added were accent pillows and a fluffy throw.

The design launch off point from the inherited oriental-esque china cabinet- and use it in the room to bounce off the pops of  fresh/modern color scheme- adding to the eclectic comfortable vibe the homeowner rocks!  The draperies were a DIY project-- all we did is mash up- 3 existing scraps/remnants fabrics- - Easy to asian inspiration fabric- added to a band of turquoise - then complimented with the beautiful sheen of persimmon for glimmer!  The contemporary double side table was a thrift store score and was painted a teal pop and distressed and glazed.  The coffee table was beat up brown before, but then fauxed into a beautiful weathered grey- with pops of mango.--(coordinates with adjacent living room pieces- in upcoming post!)

Lighting was varied around the room for the perfect glow!


Tell us--  Have you ever used what you already got and added the POP and POW?   






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