Day 4: Kitchen and Hall bath- UPDATE


Day 4:  Simple additions add charm and BOLD style to the kitchen and hall bath

 Small budget yields Big results-- how to do BOLD colors correctly.

 Before:  ho-hum blah- boring 

After: Pizazz and Pop of personality!

 Here is the befores-- Caution stark white-- proceed with caution!



 blah bathroom



boring Before-bathroom



Here comes the BOOM!


Calypso and mango
well ... hello there Calypso!


open shelves with MANGO


moulding added to venetian grey plaster walls as a base, atop- bright Calypso


Calypso paint

 How to do BOLD-- right.... - Anchor it with a neutral- and don't be afraid to go big or go home...even in small spaces.   Stick to one or two colors or tones.  Here we did a chair rail molding around the bathroom wall to add architectural interest and to provide an anchoring base with the gorgeous venetian plastered weathered grey-- and ... then.... pizazz and POP with the bold paint color: Calypso!  This room is now exciting-- the wall color is pristine - like the sparkly ocean water of the family's favorite vacation spot!  The ho-hum cabinet doors were taken off and given a POP of pizazz with MANGO--to give the open shelving unit personality and coordinated with teal ikat printed baskets to have necessities within reach.  The valance was made  with remnant fabric and coordinated with the teal band, which is in the kitchen and reading room.  This is what cohesive design looks like without being so matchy-matchy.

This bathroom is right off the galley kitchen and near the new reading room.

 Here is the before of the galley kitchen.


  FROM that...


Beautiful kitchen
accents make all the difference


Island details


island on wheels for functionality


valances add interest
mineral blue paint and custom valances

As always, we at Revamp & Revive believe in using what you got that works, and add the pop when and where needed.... These plain white walls with the already awesome polished steel kitchen made the room appear stark and cold...  Its the kitchen.... the heart of the home, so we spiced things up by painting the soft mineral blue which the the perfect shade of aqua, and continued the custom valance over the kitchen window.  (this valance coordinates with the connecting eating room one done in a previous blog Day 3)  We toned down the bight angry red into a beautiful soft warm fuzzy peachy persimmon color by doing a faux glaze technique.  The island is on wheels for functional versatility and given that amazing shade of Calypso, which definitely gave life to the room.  The island was lightly sanded and glazed to add some charm and  character and also will camouflage and conceal any bumps and scrapes or mishaps that just happen to occur with having the joys of having boys!  A whimsy floral runner rug was placed near the sink which coordinates with the double doors roman shades that lead to the back yard and patio.


Here is the fabulous custom made roman shades on the patio doors and the soft persimmon glazed walls.-- JUST LOVELY- the roman shades are coordinated with the double doors to the covered back patio of the joining eating area room (day 3) 


roman shades on patio doors
CUSTOM roman shades






Revamp & Revive will teach you how- in 5 easy time/money saving steps:

First... going to ruffle some feathers and hit you up with some truth! and also state a disclaimer-- there are LOTS of ways to achieve a desired look for painting furniture - this is a reputable standard to start from.

There are a lot of fancy-smanchy brands of “chalk paint” out there that market like crazy to the bored housewife that happens to have exorbitant "expendable" income- (seriously— quart of paint- 35.00+ What??)  - They say— “no prep” necessary—but— heres the big secret they wont tell you—(besides that you just got suckered!) The "Chalk Paint" is just the start- of your spending spree- because- you will also need to buy wax and of course,  a special waxing brush- -- and the Wax comes in two options Light/Dark- so you have to buy both -(so basically, you just dropped tons of money that you could have used to (*sigh*) hire a housecleaner)

The only good thing about the Chalk Paint Marketing Scheme is you can SKIP "arm" day at the gym because, to use that wax-- you will become solemnly like the karate kid x 100 during the wax on/ wax off buffing process etc— which ends up being pointless because once you get all that buffing done - your furniture will just look and feel like you slithered very expensive chapstick all across it to  becomes the biggest DUST magnet ever created!


What you do need- is a great attitude (& me- as your DIY tour guide!)  I will spill my secrets share tips and tricks that save you time and money— and do it for FREE (did I just hear your wallets all cheer— cha-ching) Lets Do it!

Would you be happy to go get a mani- only to have polish put over your... grimy, dirty nails or chipped polish??? No-way-Jose- so- don’t do it to your furniture- ( thats going to be envied by anyone and everyone who lays eyes on it!-- or possibly PAY you to do it!)

thanks to my kiddos... we have a visual aid to show what I mean... we will play a game....can you tell which nail was prepped?

 prep or no prep

do you see it?

FIRST AND FOREMOST:  ALWAYS do some sort of prep- or- you will pay later by having to redo the whole thing again— so— do what your momma taught you—(and me, in my mom mode screamingDO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME—

Prep can be lighting sanding- for like a quick 3- 5 mins— seriously— 5 mins can save you 2-3 hours of your life- so— just DO IT RIGHT the first time-

Secondly, DO NOT BUY Chalk paint— YOU can easily make your own—(tons of ways to do it)  or do what I do— buy MATTE or FLAT paint- and its the same thing as chalk paint but not with that exorbitant price tag—  (you’re welcome, go treat yourself to a cinnamon dolce latte with all that money you just saved!) 

 5 Steps to Polishing NAILS:

  1. remove old polish
  2. clean/shape nails- buff etc-
  3. base coat
  4. two coats of polish
  5. top coat
mani- needed -stat
did you pick the right one that was prepped??
Time to start all over again
different views to drive you crazy
more views of polish
Do it right the FIRST time

now...POLISH into: Painting 5 steps:

1.  remove old polish = translates: remove hardware- stickers/ goo etc- (TSP works great!)

2.  Clean/ shape nails- buff, etc = Translates:  Clean up and gouges/ fill in any missing wood areas with wood filler— and lightly sand to open up the wood grain particles to allow the paint molecules to have something to grab onto and bond.

3.base coat = translates:  Base coat—  if needed— *(more on this via v-log later)- or if refinishing with stain, - use a wood conditioner— or wet with water to allow the wood particles to open up to accept the stain evenly

4. 2 coats of polish = 2 coats of paint/ stain

5. TOP COAT = TOP COAT— ALWAYS seal your work! 

TA-DAH! & Snaps to you--You did it!  Saved MONEY, saved TIME-- so, go hire that housecleaner and get a CDL & mani!  Keep chapstick on your lips, not your furniture! You Just ROCKED being CRAFTASTIC!

More informational blogs coming... stay connected! RR 

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