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AMAZING-Living room-


WOW— the room did not even come close to reflecting how amazing this family is in the before…. the cold, stark walls paired with the angry red accents and hodge-podged furniture was far from reflecting the cozy, comfortable or exciton family.  We had to spice it up and give this justice to this family!

Here is the Drab… BEFORE:





 And the FAB After:


TA-DAH  Perfection
IMPACT: after!


DIY photo options
Fun modern photo placement


teal mango
Zig zag chevron
Shelving unti- persimmon
Persimmon shelving unit to display treasures


We added the beautiful mineral blue paint on the walls to breathe life into this room, followed with the faux finish glazing down the angry red into a beautiful softer persimmon- peach. The entire main floor is not cohesive designed connected without being 80s matchy/matchy- but more of a beautiful ensemble- that is orchestrated and executed to perfection. Each room echoes similarities with each other and coordinates beautifully. The colors are pop of teal, mango, soft peach persimmon, turquoise, weathered grey, dark kona, and black and cream.

chairs- damask upholstery
Modern twist on antique chairs

 The room lacked the fun personality that the family had - so we gave it to them….with pizazz and pop! The before couches were hodge-podged and pieced together with the “had before” pair of chairs. We moved those couches from this room to the new reading room and bought a new teal one and found a beautiful (budget friendly) 1950s french persimmon mohair/velvet one (off of Craigslist!) that we revamped and revived. We did some magic and faux treated the wood to a weathered grey and glazed it and then added some bling with the brass nailhead trim. It is one of my favorite (cost effective) things that anyone can do— I will do a tutorial for y'all soon! Eclectic design is fun and interesting…. By combining the modern sofa with the french antique one, we gave this room depth- conversation and excitement. These couches are now are full of sass and style and are easily snuggle up with a bowl of popcorn, watching a movie or have family game night, comfortably.


nail head trim
velvet sofa with nail head trim
sofa- perfect size/scale and color
Proper size/scale and color- added custom details with faux paint and nailhead trim

The buffet before was not the right size/scale for the massive television. We switched it to one with the necessary character and charm and revved it up a bit by adding faux finishes. It now doubles as functional storage for tv components, Dvds, games as well. The antique pair of channel back chairs flanking the buffet were also a craigslist score that we reupholstered in black and cream coordinating fabric with teal piping and teal pop of paint on the wood. They are perfect addition to any extra guests that need comfortable seating during family game night! The side tables are a matching dark kona coffee color that we faux painted a weathered grey glaze on the top - which all coordinates well with the reading rooms coffee table. The sea glass pair of lamps were given a easy design trick of custom by adding black ribbon to the shade. This ties in with the existing cream colored roman shades, that we also added a 3” band of black fabric too- — which all coordinates well with the custom AWESOME zig zag chevron draperies. Its the small details that add all the ummmmppph needed to make a room look like it belongs in a magazine. Our version is livable and all under budget- done with sass and style and coordinated design which is consistent throughout the entire main floor.


details- impact the design
Details added to make design cohesive


more eclectic pop on fireplace
Personality and pop on fireplace

OH…. the Photo wall…. adds excitement. We took mix-matched frames and painted them within our color scheme and played with positive and negative space as well as size and scale. This is an eclectic design must- which gives the room.. some boom- The side work table- is an inherited family piece and is also the perfect spot for the studious to get homework done.


extra seating
Easy extra seating/eating options


small details - big impact
Small details make big design impact

The fireplace was done up with easy art projects and photo canvases that are a focal point- with the backdrop faux paint finish of the shimmery sand faux paint treatment that is also echoed in the main hall.

art wall and desk
Functional desk for homework

The small bistro table and chairs set behind the sofa add another eating/or extra seating space- and the chairs were reupholstered with remnant fabric-
throw pillows are changeable for seasonal decor and the built in bookshelves, now the soft persimmon off artifacts and photos from the families vacations and travels.


Fun exciting room now!  WOW


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Revamp & Revive will teach you how- in 5 easy time/money saving steps:

First... going to ruffle some feathers and hit you up with some truth! and also state a disclaimer-- there are LOTS of ways to achieve a desired look for painting furniture - this is a reputable standard to start from.

There are a lot of fancy-smanchy brands of “chalk paint” out there that market like crazy to the bored housewife that happens to have exorbitant "expendable" income- (seriously— quart of paint- 35.00+ What??)  - They say— “no prep” necessary—but— heres the big secret they wont tell you—(besides that you just got suckered!) The "Chalk Paint" is just the start- of your spending spree- because- you will also need to buy wax and of course,  a special waxing brush- -- and the Wax comes in two options Light/Dark- so you have to buy both -(so basically, you just dropped tons of money that you could have used to (*sigh*) hire a housecleaner)

The only good thing about the Chalk Paint Marketing Scheme is you can SKIP "arm" day at the gym because, to use that wax-- you will become solemnly like the karate kid x 100 during the wax on/ wax off buffing process etc— which ends up being pointless because once you get all that buffing done - your furniture will just look and feel like you slithered very expensive chapstick all across it to  becomes the biggest DUST magnet ever created!


What you do need- is a great attitude (& me- as your DIY tour guide!)  I will spill my secrets share tips and tricks that save you time and money— and do it for FREE (did I just hear your wallets all cheer— cha-ching) Lets Do it!

Would you be happy to go get a mani- only to have polish put over your... grimy, dirty nails or chipped polish??? No-way-Jose- so- don’t do it to your furniture- ( thats going to be envied by anyone and everyone who lays eyes on it!-- or possibly PAY you to do it!)

thanks to my kiddos... we have a visual aid to show what I mean... we will play a game....can you tell which nail was prepped?

 prep or no prep

do you see it?

FIRST AND FOREMOST:  ALWAYS do some sort of prep- or- you will pay later by having to redo the whole thing again— so— do what your momma taught you—(and me, in my mom mode screamingDO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME—

Prep can be lighting sanding- for like a quick 3- 5 mins— seriously— 5 mins can save you 2-3 hours of your life- so— just DO IT RIGHT the first time-

Secondly, DO NOT BUY Chalk paint— YOU can easily make your own—(tons of ways to do it)  or do what I do— buy MATTE or FLAT paint- and its the same thing as chalk paint but not with that exorbitant price tag—  (you’re welcome, go treat yourself to a cinnamon dolce latte with all that money you just saved!) 

 5 Steps to Polishing NAILS:

  1. remove old polish
  2. clean/shape nails- buff etc-
  3. base coat
  4. two coats of polish
  5. top coat
mani- needed -stat
did you pick the right one that was prepped??
Time to start all over again
different views to drive you crazy
more views of polish
Do it right the FIRST time

now...POLISH into: Painting 5 steps:

1.  remove old polish = translates: remove hardware- stickers/ goo etc- (TSP works great!)

2.  Clean/ shape nails- buff, etc = Translates:  Clean up and gouges/ fill in any missing wood areas with wood filler— and lightly sand to open up the wood grain particles to allow the paint molecules to have something to grab onto and bond.

3.base coat = translates:  Base coat—  if needed— *(more on this via v-log later)- or if refinishing with stain, - use a wood conditioner— or wet with water to allow the wood particles to open up to accept the stain evenly

4. 2 coats of polish = 2 coats of paint/ stain

5. TOP COAT = TOP COAT— ALWAYS seal your work! 

TA-DAH! & Snaps to you--You did it!  Saved MONEY, saved TIME-- so, go hire that housecleaner and get a CDL & mani!  Keep chapstick on your lips, not your furniture! You Just ROCKED being CRAFTASTIC!

More informational blogs coming... stay connected! RR 


25 items you NEED in your TOOLBOX



(to help you paint/stain furniture) 


My degree is in Secondary Education. (GO USF BULLS!) -- I LOVE to teach others the HOW TO's- Revamp & Revive their goodies-- I once was asked (a million times)  "aren't you afraid sharing/teaching will put you out of business and then no one will want to buy your pieces or talent?"- I emphatically said-- NO--- NO WAY JOSE!-


I believe, everyone, (deep deep down for some) is an artist or has an artistic side- just wanting to come out!  I love to explore and learn new things- and empower and inspire other women (and men too) - to do the same.  - here is my hubbys Eddie Van Halen rockstar way to explain-- (um... he's kinda a big VH fan!)--  Eddie Van Halen is the quintessential guitar playing rockstar idol-- Eddie sells his guitars, and even sits down with people and shreds a few chords with them-- but... when they go home -- and play what he taught them-- they are not going to sound like Eddie Van Halen-- but a beautiful version of it--Now... not saying I am Eddie Van Halen of Rocking out DIY projects- but-- I definitely love getting my CRAFTASTIC on and LOVE that people want to hire me and pay "the big bucks" to rock out their room/house/style etc- --So- I see it two ways.  1.  They loved learning something new- became a fellow crafty in the process- and are go out and make awesome projects, or 2. they decided that getting craftastic is purely stressful and chaotic and is NOT for them-and want to hire ME to do it for them---- either way.....I see both as a win-win--


-I also view the DIYers- as the utmost awesomely genuine heartfelt sharers of talent and know-how, and if my sharing can help empower a fellow stay at home mom to find something that she can do to help add income to help her family (and keep her from going totally crazy)- yes- its a total- WIN/WIN-- scenario-- yippee-- Basically, the DIY nation is a bunch of crazy cool craftastic task-fighting project tip-sharing superheros!

(pssst.... not that big of a secret---general rule to follow: to help you keep friends... friends and not make any enemies in the craftastic industry)  

Feel free to SHARE your own tips/tricks..(hello-who doesn't love Pinterest) to help empower others-- but... importantly, thou shall not steal!  nobody like  the evil villain ---  Be proud of your own ideas (own it girl), but DO NOT steal others ideas and claim they are of your own-- always, always-- give credit (props) where it is due- 

 Little side note cha-cha: People are very smart and generally get an idea of your character- by what you say and more importantly, what you do, so do the right thing.... even if you think no one is watching- they are-- so, Be SUPER, and be a superhero! Keep it in perspective-  its only things.... and there is no shortage of JUNK out there so there is enough for everyone. Proper Perspective.... People (relationships) matter more than things--always!



Get ready to add these to your birthday and Xmas list-- you are gonna LOVE them:


25  ITEMS YOU NEED TO ROCK your next project with style


Safety first— 

1. eye wear protection/glasses-

2. nose/mouth mask/respirator,

3. rubber gloves—

4. ear protection— (earbuds rocking music is my method of hearing protection-- also doubles as : can't hear my kids fighting!- woot! woot!)


eyes, nose, hand and ear


5.  Orbital palm sander—- aka: YOUR NEW BFF!  


orbital sander
your new bff!




6.  VELCRO on sandpaper round discs- be sure to —- line up the holes—for the dust to be captured.  (do not buy the sticker type round disc, they will fly off)

(also you use sanding blocks and sanding paper)


Hook and loop
Read the packaging!


Hers the Nitty gritty: (Of sandpaper)

lower the number of sandpaper— the more coarse the paper is the higher— the finer—   60- 80-120-220— ( I typically have a stockpile of  80-and 120 on hand)

or 0- 00- -000- 0000— for steel wool


steel wool and sand paper
Keep the marriage alive- DIY together!


7.  Paint brushes—foam brushes- etc—-— I love brushes— I have an arsenal — I like 2” angle, with short handle is my fave-- but really important to have right type of brush for the paint/product you use— type of bristle for the right kind of job— 


right brush with the right product


8.  Paint rollers-- foam rollers- cages

9.  Paint Stripper— and chemical gloves!! (totally- like hazmat suit up with stripper!)


 (read future dedicated blog  on  items #10-#15  for more detailed information and instructional tips on those!)

10.  Primer— zinsser bullseye 1-2-3 primer- or Kilz—


brush or spray?


11.  Paint — (all is not created equal-)

— *type of sheen important:

matte or flat- 

eggshell or satin 



paint or stain?-- or both??


12.  Stain—  great finishes Gel is my favorite currently— and use wood conditioner— will blog later on this more

13.  Top coat/ * ALWAYS SEAL YOUR WORK*— sealers/ top coat— polyurthane-  (oil) or polycrylic- (water based) also: sparurthane (outdoors)


top it off RIGHT


14. Screwdrivers— flat and phillips——or... a power DRILL--- it too will become a timesaver/lifesaver!


Perfect stocking stuffer??

15. painters tape


painters tape- lots of choices!


16. wood filler/ wood glue


wood glue/wood filler


17. razor blades— or scrapers—


razor blades and scrapers- a must!


18.  quick grips— or vices—


quickgrip or vices
so many uses- for repairs


19. tape measurer

20. TSP— cleaner

21.  rags

22.. mineral spirits

23. zip lock baggies 

24. Pen/pencil  

25. LIPGLOSS--- look pretty while getting down and dirty!




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