Rachel Ropp Biography

Faith, family, fabulousness—that’s how Rachel Ropp orders her life.

Wife to Trent, mom to Weston, Naomi, and Cora, Rachel keeps her life grounded and balanced.

How It All Started

Revamp & Revive has its roots in necessity. Rachel began refinishing furniture to save money when her son was born. Then for her daughters, Rachel reused and recreated her own childhood furniture. When her friends saw the results, they all wanted Rachel to redo their own furniture and decorate their own homes. Revamp & Revive was born.

Friends, Not Just Clients

Revamp & Revive springs from close relationships and overlooked treasures. That sets the tone for all of Rachel’s work. Clients who aren’t friends already, quickly become friends. And it isn’t unusual for Rachel to do work for entire families. A client’s sister, mom, or daughter will see her work and want Revamp & Revive recreations themselves. Rachel wouldn’t have it any other way.

Because she focuses on relationships, Rachel doesn’t see people as dollar signs. She doesn’t discriminate between jobs that would reap more money and those that bring pennies. Rachel picks the jobs she knows she’ll love and the people she wants to work with.

It’s All About You

Rachel’s gift is seeing her client’s true style, taking what they already own, and reimagining it all into something the client loves. Whether it’s an unused dresser transformed it into a media center, or the side of an overused crib recreated as a craft organizer, Revamp & Revive will transform what you hide into something you showcase.

Rachel’s joy is bringing out her client’s natural aesthetic, not forcing designs on them they won’t like. She knows your home should be an extension of your own life and your own story.

Because Rachel is a friend and partner to her clients, she willingly shares her expertise, teaching DIY skills to those who want to learn. She wants to work with you. As a result, clients keep coming back, eager to learn more. Many of Revamp & Revive’s clients become so excited and so skilled they tell Rachel to give them a call when she’s hiring!

Revamp & Revive Gets Results

For Rachel, her accomplishments are happy clients and repeat clients. Houses she staged for sale have received full asking price within two weeks or less. One house sold after only one day on the market.

Whether it’s a design from scratch, transforming what you already own, or getting your house ready to sell, Revamp & Revive will give you the results you want.