(to help you paint/stain furniture) 


My degree is in Secondary Education. (GO USF BULLS!) — I LOVE to teach others the HOW TO’s- Revamp & Revive their goodies– I once was asked (a million times)  “aren’t you afraid sharing/teaching will put you out of business and then no one will want to buy your pieces or talent?”- I emphatically said– NO— NO WAY JOSE!-


I believe, everyone, (deep deep down for some) is an artist or has an artistic side- just wanting to come out!  I love to explore and learn new things- and empower and inspire other women (and men too) – to do the same.  – here is my hubbys Eddie Van Halen rockstar way to explain– (um… he’s kinda a big VH fan!)–  Eddie Van Halen is the quintessential guitar playing rockstar idol– Eddie sells his guitars, and even sits down with people and shreds a few chords with them– but… when they go home — and play what he taught them– they are not going to sound like Eddie Van Halen– but a beautiful version of it–Now… not saying I am Eddie Van Halen of Rocking out DIY projects- but– I definitely love getting my CRAFTASTIC on and LOVE that people want to hire me and pay “the big bucks” to rock out their room/house/style etc- –So- I see it two ways.  1.  They loved learning something new- became a fellow crafty in the process- and are go out and make awesome projects, or 2. they decided that getting craftastic is purely stressful and chaotic and is NOT for them-and want to hire ME to do it for them—- either way…..I see both as a win-win–


-I also view the DIYers- as the utmost awesomely genuine heartfelt sharers of talent and know-how, and if my sharing can help empower a fellow stay at home mom to find something that she can do to help add income to help her family (and keep her from going totally crazy)- yes- its a total- WIN/WIN– scenario– yippee– Basically, the DIY nation is a bunch of crazy cool craftastic task-fighting project tip-sharing superheros!

(pssst…. not that big of a secret—general rule to follow: to help you keep friends… friends and not make any enemies in the craftastic industry)  

Feel free to SHARE your own tips/tricks..(hello-who doesn’t love Pinterest) to help empower others– but… importantly, thou shall not steal!  nobody like  the evil villain —  Be proud of your own ideas (own it girl), but DO NOT steal others ideas and claim they are of your own— always, always– give credit (props) where it is due- 

 Little side note cha-cha: People are very smart and generally get an idea of your character- by what you say and more importantly, what you do, so do the right thing…. even if you think no one is watching- they are– so, Be SUPER, and be a superhero! Keep it in perspective-  its only things…. and there is no shortage of JUNK out there so there is enough for everyone. Proper Perspective…. People (relationships) matter more than things–always!



Get ready to add these to your birthday and Xmas list– you are gonna LOVE them:


25  ITEMS YOU NEED TO ROCK your next project with style


Safety first— 

1. eye wear protection/glasses-

2. nose/mouth mask/respirator,

3. rubber gloves—

4. ear protection— (earbuds rocking music is my method of hearing protection– also doubles as : can’t hear my kids fighting!- woot! woot!)


eyes, nose, hand and ear

5.  Orbital palm sander—- aka: YOUR NEW BFF!  

your new bff!

6.  VELCRO on sandpaper round discs- be sure to —- line up the holes—for the dust to be captured.  (do not buy the sticker type round disc, they will fly off)

(also you use sanding blocks and sanding paper)


Read the packaging!

Hers the Nitty gritty: (Of sandpaper)

lower the number of sandpaper— the more coarse the paper is the higher— the finer—   60- 80-120-220— ( I typically have a stockpile of  80-and 120 on hand)

or 0- 00- -000- 0000— for steel wool


Keep the marriage alive- DIY together!

7.  Paint brushes—foam brushes- etc—-— I love brushes— I have an arsenal — I like 2” angle, with short handle is my fave– but really important to have right type of brush for the paint/product you use— type of bristle for the right kind of job— 


right brush with the right product

8.  Paint rollers– foam rollers- cages

9.  Paint Stripper— and chemical gloves!! (totally- like hazmat suit up with stripper!)

 (read future dedicated blog  on  items #10-#15  for more detailed information and instructional tips on those!)

10.  Primer— zinsser bullseye 1-2-3 primer- or Kilz—

brush or spray?

11.  Paint — (all is not created equal-)

— *type of sheen important:

matte or flat- 

eggshell or satin 



paint or stain?– or both??

12.  Stain—  great finishes Gel is my favorite currently— and use wood conditioner— will blog later on this more

13.  Top coat/ * ALWAYS SEAL YOUR WORK*— sealers/ top coat— polyurthane-  (oil) or polycrylic- (water based) also: sparurthane (outdoors)


top it off RIGHT

14. Screwdrivers— flat and phillips——or… a power DRILL— it too will become a timesaver/lifesaver!

Perfect stocking stuffer??

15. painters tape

painters tape- lots of choices!

16. wood filler/ wood glue

wood glue/wood filler

17. razor blades— or scrapers—

razor blades and scrapers- a must!

18.  quick grips— or vices—

so many uses- for repairs

19. tape measurer

20. TSP— cleaner

21.  rags

22.. mineral spirits

23. zip lock baggies 

24. Pen/pencil  

25. LIPGLOSS— look pretty while getting down and dirty!