First off–

I dislike this question for many reasons.

1.  People tend to easily compartmentalize (ahem–Judge) you within the first 5 mins of meeting you, (I used to loathe this question


when meeting new people at my hubby’s work functions- when I would say, Im a stay at home mom- to their reply; you must love having all the extra time! ugh…. as if!)

Secondly, I feel it should be asked- who– not what– meaning;  Who do you want to be when you grow up? 

SO.. my LONG short answer to this question.

but first, my backstory:

I grew up with a mom and dad who are perfectly imperfect!  I grew up with a strong female role model who taught me, that there is nothing within my reach, but all I have to do is have the will to grasp.  I loved that my parents taught me lives lessons (and continue to) by being the living example of responsibility, endurance, staying with commitments-  and that they never ever NEVER let me quit– I am who I am today with the grace of God and my totally Awesome mom and dad!

I remember being in HS and taken some test that was supposed to help channel our strengths into future jobs based up on our answers.  I also remember the teacher saying a statistic that the average person changes their career over 4 times in their lifetime.  I was like, “YEAH– I’m planning on it”— (side note: I grew up during the time where Barbie was the feminism role model- (who could do anything and look fabulous while doing it as well as the complete “set” to do it)  as well as my real life (Barbie) role model- my mother– who really could do anything and is just plain fabulous!)

I seriously had PLANNED on changing my career more than 4 times– I knew that I wanted to become a wife, mother, designer, teacher, coach, cheerleader, hairstylist, photographer, event planner, manager, and artist…I was going to do all those things and probably do them being a “suburban” cowgirl!  So… Here I am … I am all of those things–but… to me, its more important than “WHO” you are– than “What” you do!


Ones actions- will determine your character–  I want mine to be Bright and Shiny, Sparkly with a splash of Turquoise!– RR